The Best Platform to Manage Your Wish Lists From Different E-Commerce Retailers.

Do you feel tired or time consuming to find good deals? Don't you have time to find hot deals?

Don't Worry. eWishHub tremendously saves your time by automatically finding, constantly watching, and instantly alerting the deals in your wishlists.

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The Best App to Manage Wish Lists and Get Sale Alerts.

All-in-one Wishlist

All of your wish lists can be saved in eWishHub. In other words, you don't have to go to different websites/stores to check the latest information of your wish lists.

The first version of eWishHub focuses on Amazon (US, Canada) & GameStop, but in future we will quickly add more online stores such as HomeDepot, Walmart, Target, Nike.

Price Update

With eWishHub, you can see the current prices of all items in your wishlists from different online stores.

Phone App

Sale Alert

eWishHub instantly sends notifications to your mobile phones when any wishlist items have lower prices than your alert price. Especially, you can get the phone notification whenever your wishlist is on sale by setting the alert price is very close to the current price.


eWishHub interface is built in an easy & friendly way for customers to use. For example, it is easy to search & add your wishlist to eWishHub; all tasks can be done with one hand.

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How to get sale alerts with eWishHub.

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